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Vicky Lever & D Handles for Izé

Izé comissioned a door handle from us, and initially we designed a D-Handle for use on commercial projects. The Vicky Handle was specified in our projects at Victoria in London - hence the name. It's a very simple idea, the transition from a circle to a square; so the handle is curved where your palm pulls it, and flat where your thumb pushes it. This idea works for both the D-Handle and the Lever handle. We're now in the process of creating a range of handles based on the principles that informed the design of the D-Handle, and a Lever handle is also available in a range of finishes. We won the Architectural Ironmonger's Best of Best Award 2017 for the Vicky Handles. They can be purchased here:

Simple and surprising, the handles address and bring together two archetypes of handle design, the tube and the bar.

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VICKY Lever & D Handles