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Shacklewell Lane

Our clients, a musician and producer and a yoga teacher, bought a 19th century dairy in Dalston 20 years ago, and have been living and working there in a variety of creative ways since. The property has been used as a music recording studio, a furniture shop and as a house, and is now home to the couple and their two young children. Our work consists of two phases of construction. Phase 1 will entail the renovation of the rear building, the old dairy and milking parlour, creating a glazed link corridor between this structure and the house facing the street. Phase 2 will involve the creation of a new roof-top bedroom on top of the house itself. The project involves some creative demolition of a some poor quality lean-to structures which leads to the revelation of a series of courtyards on the site. The idea is to paint these exuberant and joyful colours, emphasising the room-like character of the courts and the ambiguous spatial thresholds that result from a series of spaces that are inter-connected when open to each other in the summer months. It is also very obviously a homage to the incredibly beautiful and inspiring architecture of Luis Barragan in Mexico City. Barragan carved out a series of sensual and secretive courtyards within the hinterland of quite unprepossessing exteriors. We aim too for an architecture of decorum, surprise and delight.

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