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Nova East SW1

This urban block (Nova Place) and new office building (Nova East) was originally commissioned by Land Securities in 2007. Nova Place incorporates a mix of retail units, offices and housing on Victoria Street in central London. It forms part of a masterplan called 'Nova' that includes buildings by Benson and Forsythand PLP. We aim to create a fine setting for the listed Victoria Palace Theatre, unifying it as part of a cohesive city block with common materials and architectural details.

Nova East is a large office building sat at the rear of the site, with fine views over The Royal Parks. The composition as a whole forms the setting of the Grade II Listed Victoria Palace Theatre, and seeks to densify and to act amplify the character of this cluster of buildings across from Victoria Station, introducing a new mid-scale to this part of Victoria Street.

The Kings Scholar Pond Sewer, Western Deep Sewer, LUL Shaft 29  & Victoria Line all pass underground beneath the site and represent significant subterranean constraints to which the design of the building responds with the creation of a grand urban undercroft.

These limitations are most acute towards the south of the building where a significant transfer is required in order to bring loads from the upper storeys back to bear on the available substructure at the core and towards the north of the site. The transfer is achieved with several giant steel trusses, spanning the height of three storeys and creating a visually dramatic cantilever beneath the southern façade at Level 02 allowing for a regular office grid above.

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Nova East