Lynch Architects

'Soulton Leasow in the AJ' in: AJ by Merlin Fulcher

09 Aug 2021

Our project for a masterplan for the Soulton Estate, near Wem in Shropshire, appeared in the Architects Journal on 9th August. The project includes a group of 30 new homes arranged around a communal orchard garden. Tim Ashton, our client, has recently built a stone Long Barrow and a grassy amphitheatre on his family's land, which have stayed open during the pandemic. He recently made his ambitions clear: "We need to look radically at what rural housing and civic life should be like. Rural life should be a powerhouse of creativity, wellbeing, community, and business. Life here should be reciprocal, sustainable, harmonious, young, old, accessible and inclusive. Two hundred years ago it was like that. Post-war, car-dominated life changed that. Switch it back!" The project is currently at pre-application planning stage and consultation. You can download the pre-app document below.