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Dartmouth House Chiswick

Dartmouth House replaces an Edwardian Nurses' Home, since converted in a single dwelling, with 6 new apartments: one 4 bedroom flat, two 2 beds, and three 3 beds. The client is a new development company, Carbon Living, who seek to make the most ecologically advanced housing possible.

The super-structure will be made up of Cross-Laminated timber floors, walls and roof, to be built by Eurban, with a self-supporting brick rainscreen of hand-made Danish creamy-white bricks. Conceived of as a suburban villa sat behind a garden wall, the apartments share a communal garden and pond, whilst the three largest apartments have private gardens.

All of the flats have generous balconies. Heating will be provided via PV cells pellet-burning stoves placed into brick chimneys, echoing the distinctive profile of near-by Chiswick House: an architecture of garden walls and brick chimneys - our homage to Lutyens and the tradition of substantial English semi-rural, suburban villas.

Planning consent was granted by Hounslow Council in January 2017. Construction will commence in summer 2017 and be complete by late summer 2018.

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Dartmouth House Chiswick